Screened Porch

If you’re lucky enough to live in the South, you know porch sitting is an art-form.  And you also know that a screened-in porch is a must have because, well mosquitos.  We were lucky enough to have both when we bought our house in 2016.  Much like the rest of the house, it needed some repairs and a good cleaning.  There was rotting wood that needed to be replaced and most of the screens were in pretty bad shape.  Thankfully, the mosaic tile was in decent shape as was the brick.  We replaced all of the screens, the screen door and the rotting wood.  Everything else was given a fresh coat of white outdoor paint.  My husband even put a TV out there for game days.  Majestic palms and a few ferns make it almost possible to smell the salt air.  Ceiling fans and a shade on the west facing end keep it comfortable even in the hottest of southern summers.  We are so blessed to live in a region where we’re able to utilize this beautiful outdoor space for most of the year!

We liked it so much, we used it as the backdrop for our wedding last year!  Lots of lanterns and tealights, good friends and family made for a perfect venue!!


Looks like someone else found our porch inviting too!!  Found this cozy nest in one of my ferns and we all enjoying checking their progress everyday!  



These benches are perfect for when we need extra seating!



My furry assistants, Madison & Manny are never far behind me.
Majestic palms purchased from a local nursery were perfect for this spot!



It’s hard to be little sometimes!!  Manny approves of these cute outdoor throw cushions I picked up at the Christmas Tree Shop for a steal! 










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