Furniture Rehab: Navy Blue Dresser

I had been wanting to step out of my comfort box for a while and try a bold color.  Up to this point, I had stuck with my favorite, gray, taupe, creamy white and griege.  When I found this little dresser, I decided to seize the moment and try:  Navy Blue!  Admittedly, I wasn’t at a fan at first, but once it was finished, I really did like it.  To get the deep blue color I wanted, I had to use a dark glaze and sealed it with clear wax.  I added some antique gold gilding to accentuate the pretty details and tried my hand at stenciling.  I thought it needed a little extra, so I free-handed a few little vines and leaves in the same antique gold.   It sold within a few days of posting it!



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