Foyer Chandy

Like most French interior enthusiasts, I love a sparkly chandelier!  When we moved into our home, there were a few we wanted to keep.  The one in our foyer was one of them.  It was a vintage 4 tier, crystal chandy that had tons of potential!!  It also had about 50 years of dust and grime on it.

I painstakingly removed each individual crystal and soaked them in a mixture of vinegar and hot water, then hand-washed each one before laying them on a clean towel to dry.  I then re-threaded each crystal and painted the brass base a pale grey color.  Notice on the before and after pics the pattern on the ceiling after just a good cleaning!!


This was after cleaning it!  The water in the sink was absolutely black when I took them out!


Before it was pretty, but not nearly sparkly enough!


Look at allllllllll those crystals!!  It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it!!



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