Touches of Fall : Foyer

Fall Foyer

This past weekend, I pulled all my fall décor from my various “hiding holes” all over the house.  This includes a “Christmas Closet” my husband added to our guest house just to house holiday décor, the attic, my 2 china cabinets and assorted closets.  And of course, there’s still a box or a bin out there somewhere that holds all my fall candles and I can’t find it.  Anywhere.  Ugh!  It drives me crazy knowing I had something last year and that it HAS to be in the house somewhere, but I can’t find it!!  I haven’t given up hope tho.

After 2 days, I finally had everything where I wanted it.  Do you believe that?  I wrote it, and even I don’t believe it.  LOL  I’ll keep tweaking and moving things around right up until I take it all down to make way for Christmas decorations.  But for the most part, I’m pretty happy with how it came together.  I used a lot of things I already had and worked in some new pieces that may or may not make it to my booth at the Fall Market.  They look so nice in my house!!

For the foyer, I swapped out the distressed, white mirror for a tobacco basket and changed out the black buffet lamps for these mercury glass ones.  I tucked the bunny in a basket away til Spring and replaced it with a fall floral arrangement I made last year.  I added some pumpkins and a black lantern, too.  Overall, I think it looks cozy and ready for fall!  Here are a few more shots of the foyer:

fall house 14fall house 13


Here’s a picture of how it looked before:

Spring Foyer.jpg

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