Touches of Fall: Living Room

Fall Living Room

For the living room, I packed up all the bunnies and greenery so they could hibernate until spring, and replaced them with pumpkins and fall foliage.  I painted our furniture with chalk paint when we moved in and I absolutely LOVE how the oranges and warm tones of fall go with the grey!  The orange table runner is actually a Land’s End scarf I picked up for a dollar at a thrift store.  It works perfectly to add a touch of color on the coffee table!  The basket was moved from the dining room, and I used the cream colored foliage to make a “nest” for the pumpkin.

For the mantle, I started with a clean slate.  I pulled the arches from our den and used them to replace the metal decoration that normally stays up there.  I never noticed until I put them up there, but they actually have touches of orange and brown in them.  Perfect for fall!  The grapevine wreath was one of my local picks as were the old books and the skinny wrought iron candlesticks.  I swapped eggs for pumpkins in the cloche and used my artificial leaves from last year.  The basket has a throw and a beautiful jute trimmed pillow I picked up during our visit to NC.  (I bought them with the intention of using them in my booth, but I have a feeling they won’t make it to the show!)

These are close-ups of the mantle décor.  I am so in love with these tapered wrought iron candlesticks!!  I wish I could find more!!  These old books are just perfect for adding a bit of height.

fall house 11fall house 10

Here’s a before picture of how it looked before:

Spring Living Room.jpg

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