Touch of Fall: Den

Our den is my version of Modern French Country and it just screams for cream-colored pumpkins and chunky candlesticks.  Luckily, I had both to dress it up for fall!

Fall House

Here’s the full frame of hearth and mantel.  I picked up a brass lamp that has the same footed design as the large candlestick below.  My plan is to paint it and turn it into a candlestick that will match nicely with the existing one.  These are the “poor man’s version” of the expensive French stone candlesticks.

Fall Den

Fall House 2

This arrangement was a stroke of pure luck.   I have two of the cast iron urns and they were both lined with burlap and contained stacked pumpkins.  I’d normally put them out on the porch for fall.  However, after using them for a few  years, they were a bit tattered and faded.  I took one apart and started sticking the leftover floral picks in it just to see if it would work.  I added a pumpkin and was genuinely surprised at how pretty it turned out!  I’ve never been a fan of asymmetrical arrangements (it messes with my OCD!!), but I really do like this one.  It gave a bit of color to my otherwise neutral room.

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