Merry Hallothankmas

Is it just me, or is anyone else ready to put up their Christmas tree??  My mind is already buzzing with how I’m going to decorate our home for Christmas this year.  I feel as if last year was a trial run.  We had only been living in the house for 7 months, so it was my first time configuring the tree locations, using our old décor in the new house, etc.   There were still lots of kinks to work out.   Now that I have a better idea of the layout and what to put where, I can’t wait to get started!!

I tried something new last year too and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  I used all gold and silver in our main living area and all white lights.  Not a drop of red or colored lights could be found except for in the den.  Don’t get me wrong, it looked beautiful; but somehow it just didn’t feel Christmas-y.  Prior to 2017 I had used LOTS of color!!  I’ve already decided that this year, I’m sticking to the classics.  Good ole red and green.  It just feels right.  I’ve already told the hubs to prepare himself for an early decorating frenzy.  Waiting until Thanksgiving is over just isn’t enough time to enjoy all the decorations and lights!!  I need a full 8 weeks of enjoyment to really feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.  🙂

Here are a few pics of Christmases past.

Gold Tree
Silver & Gold with white lights Christmas Tree 2017
Christmas Dining Table
2017:  I chose a woodland theme for our dining room.  
Dining room tree 2
2017:  Close-up of our woodland tree.  
Den Hearth
2017:  Our den had a lodge-y vibe because of the oversized hearth, so I chose buffalo plaid and cabin themed décor in traditional reds and greens.   
2014 tree
2014:  Pencil tree with colored lights at the old house.   
2016 Christmas
2016:  Flocked tree with colored lights at our old house.  
2014 christmas tablescape
2014:  Christmas tablescape
2014 christmas mantel
2014:  Mantle with fresh evergreens at our old house.   



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