Hello? It’s me again.

They say humans are the only mammals that don’t hibernate.  I disagree because I’ve been in “hibernation” for the past year!  I took a break from my blog and the business to try and re-evaluate my goals and figure out what direction to take.  A year later, and I’m still not 100% sure.  Baby steps tho.  Baby steps.

One of the main reasons for my hiatus was that it just became overwhelming.  As most of you know, I have a regular, full-time job that I work at Monday through Friday.  Furniture is my side hustle, and while I LOVE doing it, it just became too much like working TWO full time jobs, on top of being a wife and mother. For that reason, I put things on hold and took a step back.  I’m slowly trying to ease back into it.

2019 brought a big change in the Bryson/Wilbanks household in that my oldest son,  Marshall; moved into his own home.  I only cried for about 3 days, but any sadness was washed away by how proud I am of him!  He and his stepdad worked sooo hard to renovate his great-grandmother’s home and turn it into a cute little 2 bed/2 bath for Marshall and his long-time girlfriend, Cailyn.  Of course I offered my fabulous design skills and can honestly say it turned out great!!  It’s such a cute starter home for them and I know they’ll be happy there for many years to come!

Here’s a few pics of pieces I painted for them.



This table and bench  was made by Marshall’s great-grandfather, Mr. Hosea Snow.  No idea of the exact age, but Marshall’s great-grandmother turned 100 years young this past October and assuming he made it shortly after they set up housekeeping together, I’m guessing it to be at least 75 years old?  It’s very sturdily built and just needed a little TLC.  We decided to change the color to break up some of the wood look in the kitchen. 


After 2 coats of black chalk paint and 2 coats of sealant, I think it looks great!  Hopefully he’ll keep it and hand it down to his own grandchildren one day.  🙂  

I found these heavy, solid wood pieces for a steal.  A fresh coat of paint and they were perfect for Marshall’s farmhouse themed bedroom!


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