New Master

If you remember, Marshall ended up with our house’s master bed/bath because our original plan had been to stay in the guest room just long enough to renovate the attached 1000 square foot “apartment” into a grand master suite.  Almost 3 years later, and that plan is still on hold.  Now that Marshall has left the nest, we decided to just use the original master in the main house and leave the apartment as-is.

Since we were getting a much bigger space, we decided to upgrade our queen for a king bed.  We also upgraded our small dresser for a more practical 9 drawer one.  Being the frugalista that I am, of course we shopped for gently used whenever we could.  The mattress and linens are of course new, but all the furniture is second-hand.  I painted everything in a neutral color palette that would work with any color comforter.  So far, we are loving our new-to-us room!!

After a LOT of painting, dabbing, painting and sanding, I finally got the finish I was trying to achieve on this dresser   I love the French-y feet and chunky hardware!


This 9-drawer dresser was a steal at $40.  It’s solid wood and very heavy.  The interior was in like-new condition.  The only major flaws were on the top where someone had set a hot iron on it and apparently used it as an ashtray.  These were easily erased with light sanding and the magic of paint.  🙂
These Drexel nightstands are probably from the 50’s, but were in excellent condition.  I bought one last year at a consignment store and was lucky enough to find an identical one on the Marketplace!
Painted to match the dresser and vanity.
We changed the master bath paint color to the same pale gray we used in the rest of the house.  I found a beautiful 100% white cotton shower curtain at TJ Maxx, and these botanical prints came from Hobby Lobby.  The mirror was a freebie from a friend who didn’t need it. I love how light and bright this room is now!


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